Podiatry Fees  2016

The table below gives typical costs for chiropody treatment. Most appointments you can book online. The cost of treatment is given there too.

If it is your first visit we would see you as a new patient and find out about your problem, general health and start treatment. A treatment plan will be provided. Our appointments are typically in 15 minute blocks and most are half an hour.

New Patient Consultation and Treatment £42
Podiatry/ Chiropody (25 mins) £37
Extended Appointment (40 mins) £60
Verruca follow up appointments from: £20
Simple Nail Care – regular nail cutting if you have difficulty £25
Single Issue – Short Ongoing Treatment e.g. a corn £25
Initial biomechanical Consultation *bring shorts £60
Full Biomechanical with Computer Pressure Static & Dynamic Analysis £160
Fungal Laser Treatment with Lunula or PinPointe Lasers – course of treatment £300 per foot
Custom Made Casted Orthoses (average cost) + assessment £200-£350
Non-Custom Orthoses From: £65
Home Visit (Domiciliary) from: £50
Pedique Cosmetic Toenail Replacement for damaged nails. From: £50 (1 big nail)/ £80 (2 big nails)
Ingrown Toenail Surgery (Partial Nail Avulsion)
This is required for persistent cases where a normal chiropody treatment has failed to fix the problem*Insurance will often cover the cost of this minor surgery. Procedure code S7010.
We will bill for an all inclusive treatment to cover consultation, surgery, follow up and dressings.
from £250 one toe £375 both big toes (self pay charge)
Diabetic Assessment + Blood Flow check to feet (ABPI) + Static Foot Pressure Analysis £60.00

fees subject to change without notice

(Last fee increase January 2016)

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to help me with my heel pain which has now gone.

Mr J H