simple nail care

We provide a service to patients unable to reach or care for their toenails by providing a nail care only treatment session. The NHS has reduced its podiatry provision for many patients and A&A Podiatrists have responded by creating a shorter cost efficient service to cut patients toenails. This task becomes more difficult with age and reduced mobility and eyesight. The nails may become hard and thick and therefore difficult to cut. Long or poorly cu toenails can dig into neighbouring toes or scratch patients legs causing sores and infections not to mention become uncomfortable in the shoes.

A regular appointment costs £26 whereby the podiatrist will trim and file your nails and check the condition of your feet too.

This is a shorter 10 minute appointment and therefore if you have developed any hard skin or corns or require additional treatment you may have to return for them to be treated separately.

If you have not been to the clinic before you will need to have a full new patient assessment and treatment first so that we can ensure that this is the most suitable option for you and advise on the treatment plan. The initial consultation and treatment costs £45.

The foot has a quarter of a million sweat glands expelling over half a pint of sweat on hot active days

the bacteria like the sweaty environment and they stink