Orthotics can help reduce problems such as Heel Pain, Fallen Arches, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions & Calluses, Knee Pain, Lower Back Strain, Flat Feet, Arch & Metatarsal Pain, High Arched Feet, Hip Pain, Postural Instability, Hyper Mobility, Hammertoes, Foot Rotation, Athletic Injury, Arthritis, Diabetic Foot Problems, Geriatric Conditions, Congenital Deformities, Prolonged Standing, Narrow/Wide Feet, and Foot Trauma.

This is a typical list of conditions but many people come becase they are either in pain or are worried they have high or low arches.

Orthotics for flat feet are very common and the aim is to allow thge foot to support the weight better and reduce turning of the leg and hip and back. Orthotics for high arches aim to reduce the impact and shock. In other cases the orthoses may be used to redistribute pressure away or to a particular area e.g. panful bunion or second joint.


Your Podiatrists Assessment will consist of the following:

A thorough history and lower extremity biomechanical assessment – looking at the range of motion in the foot and leg, leg length as well as your walking and gait.

Footwear will be assessed

Sports, training, job and activities that you do.


Your custom-made prescription orthotics will be unique to your condition, activity level and to the footwear in which they will be used. Your Podiatrist will design the device based on their assessment findings and the prescription and uses several laboratories depending on need, style and cost (quality). In some cases we would use a prefabricated orthotic initially to test and adjust.


Within approximately two weeks your orthotics will be ready for fitting. At your fitting appointment they will be checked for proper fitting (to your feet and footwear) and you will be given break-in information which helps with the transition stage, also any follow-up appointment that may be necessary. Typically wearing them in an hour a day increasing daily.

Patients with Diabetes should have their feet checked annually – call now to make an appointment if you are overdue

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