Verrucae are warts in the foot. They are problematic because it takes time before they are noticed but also the skin is thicker on the feet and pressure do walking pushes them into the skin.

There is no one treatment that works for everyone and treatment can be unpredictable.

Verrucae and warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus lives in the body’s cells making it difficult for the immune system to identify and react.

Treatment aims to either stimulate the immune system into reacting or destroys the skin containing the virus.

Various acids are applied – commonly salicylic acid but at a higher concentration than in bazooka! Alternatively we could freeze it with Dermafreeze which freezes the area to -59. Our YAG laser has also exhibited antiviral activity. We also can use a surgical technique called curettage to cut out single verrucae.

In all cases we will discuss the treatment suitable in your case and devise a sensible plan of attack!

My kids had such fun when they saw you about their verrucas – they cant wait to come back again!

Mrs P